Fetty Wap Lawyers Up After S3x Tape Partly Leaks

Fetty Wap’s legal team is working overtime right now.

Fetty Wap’s trap queen may have betrayed him, and he doesn’t want that chick earning a dime off that shit. After a clip of Fetty and his ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy performing sexual acts on each other hit the internet this morning, it’s been reported that Fetty’s got his lawyers on the job, preparing cease-and-desist letters to all websites hosting the x-rated clip.

Fetty Wap’s team has denied that they released the tape themselves, and although Alexis Skyy’s attorney denies they were behind the leak, Fetty’s camp seems to think that they’re the only two people in possession of the video. Alexis Skyy is reportedly also considering legal action.

Fetty still hasn’t confirmed if that’s really him in the tape, but he
also hasn’t denied it. Bird up . Fetty isn’t the only rapper having
S3x tape issues in the last few months, with Troy Ave recently getting into his own x-rated trouble. We admit though that the Troy thang may have been a publicity stunt.

What do y’all think about Fetty’s S3x tape troubles? Could this give the New Jersey rapper the attention he needs to blast off again up the charts? Let us know in the comments.

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