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MoneyBagg Yo – Stand Down
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MoneyBagg Yo isn’t backing down on his latest effort. The rapper spares no time jumping into it. Throughout the song, MoneyBagg let’s us know that he, along with the rest of his people, aren’t standing down from anything. On the other hand, he’s also quick to let anyone who’s ready to step to him know that it’s probably not in their best interest. MoneyBagg flexes his status as a boss on “Stand Down,” as he details how he got to that point. It’s another hard-hitting street anthem that’s bound to have your trunk rattling throughout. On the hook, he raps “b!tch don’t blow my action, hoe just stand down/All my n!gga turn up they don’t stand down/I put her on game she understand now/So when I tell her shut up, she just stand down,” Moneybagg Yo emphasizing on his boss status.

While MoneyBagg Yo continues driving his career forward, it’s nice to hear another piece of music from him shortly after the release of Federal 3x . Along with that tape, he also dropped his Heartless mixtape in February. While this year, he may have not dropped nearly as much music as in 2016, it seems like he’s continuing to load up on ammo. While this song holds us over for the time being, it’s exciting to see what he
gets up to in 2018.

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