Torii Wolf – Flow Riiot Album (Zip Download)

Torii Wolf – Flow Riiot Album (Zip Download)

Torii Wolf – Flow Riiot Album (Zip Download)

But will see a first even for himself, when New York singer-songwriter Torii Wolf releases her album Flow Riiot, what will be the first project for a female artist entirely produced by Preemo. Ahead of that release comes “1st & Free” the aptly named first single from the two.
“Torii has such a weird, wicked style,” Premier says in a press release for the track. “It’s just very left field—reminiscent of a Bjork or something like that. She is so unique and versatile; she writes, sings and is an accomplished guitarist and drummer. But image-wise, there is no comparison. Subject-wise, Torii is in a whole different place.”
On the track, Wolf sings, “What does it take to keep you from running away” over a Premier sample that borrows Rakka Iriscience vocals from his own “Good As Gone” off of the Dilated Peoples album Directors of Photography. Preem provides one of his trademark scratched-sampled hooks with “I’ve seen the last come first, I’ve seen the first last” ringing off on the track.
“The great thing about Premier is he’s a tailor and he has this rare and innate ability to cater his sound around who he is working with to accentuate an artist’s strengths,” Torii herself says in a statement, “but you can always still tell its Premier.”

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5.) Download Torii Wolf – Body MP3
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9.) Download Torii Wolf – Shadows Crawl MP3
10.) Download Torii Wolf – Nobody Around MP3
11.) Download Torii Wolf – You’re Not There MP3
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13.) Download Torii Wolf – Free Ft Macklemore & DJ Premier MP3
14.) Download Torii Wolf – Pain Killer MP3
15.) Download Torii Wolf – Moscow MP3

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